Walmart joins the Ibotta Performance Network to revolutionize consumer rewards! View press release                          

*Please note digital offers on Walmart.com and the Walmart app will not be live until 2022.

Straightforward promotional solutions


A top shopping app

Ibotta is the 4th most popular mobile shopping app in the US along with Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

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Complete market coverage

Ibotta rewards users in all 50 states across hundreds of grocery retailers and thousands of individual store locations.

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7 transactions per second

Learn more about the consumers buying your products through SKU-level purchase data and consumer insights.

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Product trial and brand exposure in one solution

Showcase your brand to Ibotta users looking for new products and incentivize product trial with solutions designed for you. 

  • Modern targeting, zero waste: Unlike inefficient traditional coupons, you can put your dollars to work in the retailers and regions that work for your initiatives. 
  • Easy and goal-oriented programs: Choose the program that works for your goals with straightforward options designed to boost emerging brands.
  • Accessible pricing, predictable cost: Reach your promotional goals with spend levels that work for your budget. 
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Insights and actionable data with every program

No need to set up expensive panels or broad surveys to get product insight. Get feedback directly from consumers with Ibotta Insights Surveys.  

  • Data delivered: Understand the users buying your products with retailer and demographic redemption data with every program.
  • Right-sized research options: Get direct user feedback and gain actionable insight into their buying decisions with Insight Surveys.
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How it works

With Ibotta Go, you can launch a program in a matter of weeks making it easy to reach consumers looking for new products like yours on the Ibotta platform.



Pick a program & add-ons

Choose the program that works for your goals. Add an optional Insights survey to learn more about your consumers.



Complete setup

Provide information about your offer, such as eligible products, the reward amount, and distribution.



Finalize & launch

Schedule your program for launch, and start getting results! Payments can be completed with a quick ACH transfer to get your program scheduled.



Monitor & wrap up

Track redemptions and performance while your program is live. We’ll also send you a report when your program is complete.

Reach your promotional goals

It’s easy to get started. Request your invite to Ibotta Go.

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