Grow your business with actionable insights


Direct purchaser feedback

Hear from consumers that bought your product and redeemed your offer.


Actionable insights

Understand purchase motivation, repurchase intent, future product improvement, satisfaction, and more.


Accessible options

Get quick, qualitative insights or expand and inform existing research practices.


One-click insights

Insights from Ibotta Go are designed for brands like yours — simple, straightforward consumer insights without the effort or price tag of traditional research options. Insights from Ibotta Go offer: 

  • One-click setup: Really — it's that easy. Choose an add-on and we'll do the rest. Our expert Insights team will deploy your survey at the right time to the right audience ensuring complete responses and results are ready at or near the end of your program.
  • No strangers: Unlike other survey options available to emerging brands which rely on respondents to self-report whether they've bought your brand, Ibotta Go Insights surveys collect responses from verified purchasers of your products.
  • Actionable results: We do the analysis for you — no spreadsheets or data to manage. You'll receive a complete report with key takeaways and feedback you can use. They're a great starting point to understand purchase drivers, current strengths, areas of improvement, and more.

Standard questions for proven results

Using our historical data and industry knowledge, we’ve developed a tailored set of questions to get key insights about your product.

  • Focus Insights survey

    The standard questions in the Focus Insights survey are designed to help brands with new or limited distribution understand how their product is performing in the market. These questions help brands better understand product discovery, value perception, repurchase intent, findability, and uniqueness.

  • Boost Insights survey

    The standard questions in the Boost Insights survey are designed to give brands important insights as they scale distribution nationally or look to make product improvements. These questions help brands better understand product discovery, value perception, repurchase intent, product expectations, and purchase history.


Accuracy matters

For emerging brands, finding the right consumers for surveys can be difficult. With our verified purchase data, we know exactly who bought your product, so we can gather useful insights for brands of any size. 92% of respondents to Ibotta surveys are first-time survey takers, which yields more accurate responses.

How Ibotta Go Insights work

Choose an add-on

Select the Insights Survey add-on for the program you’ve chosen. Our five standard questions are designed to maximize your learnings. For the Boost add-on, pick three additional questions.

Purchasers surveyed

Near the end of your program, a survey is sent directly to users who’ve redeemed your offer.

Leverage insights

We’ll send you a full report with key takeaways and the summarized results for each question.


Actionable insights for your brand

Get feedback direct from consumers with Insights survey add-ons for Ibotta Go programs.

Focus Insights survey

Focus insights survey

Get quick, qualitative insights from consumers who purchase your product.

  • 250 respondents
  • 5 standard questions

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Boost insights survey

Boost insights survey

Uncover what matters to consumers through qualitative and quantitative insights.

  • 500 respondents
  • 5 standard questions
  • 3 choice questions

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